A path to reconciliation


Portrait of a People examines the historical events and legal struggles surrounding the Pimicikamak people's survival for centuries.  A story of both failures and successes, it is an essential part of every education. At the same time, the detail and use of primary sources makes it of value for academic readers.


Facing an ongoing existential crisis, the Pimicikamak people is now writing some of the rules. Displacing federally-imposed band government, its consensus-based governance offers a constructive path for relations with indigenous peoples in their traditional territories. Much is at stake.


Portrait provides a foundation for a respectful and mutually beneficial relationship. Pimicikamak culture draws on 10,000 years' wisdom to adapt and survive in the modern world. There is much for all to learn by reaching across the cultural divide.


A Path to Reconciliation
Portrait of a People
A Study in Survival

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